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Tennis and Pickleball Round-Robins - 2018


This will be the location of all round-robin information.  You can check to see that your status for the week is correct and what the matches are for the week.  If your status is wrong, call or e-mail Jon right away. Also listed are the e-mails for all enrollees so that in the event you have a last-minute issue, you can contact a sub and/or inform your playing partners.

Monday Night Ladies 2.5-3.0 round-robin - 7:00-8:30


Availability for August 20 - available - unavailable - next group 

Andrea Wills Rachel Drohat Gwen Everett, Alicia Mabry, Margie Sybert, Steph Jurkovic Loretta Hutzell, Suzanne McQueeney, Anne Conklin, Lee Williams, Denise Dewhurst, Courtney Robertson, Angie Gardner, Patrice Holtz, Heidi Sung, Ellen Hong

Match for June 4 - Anne Conklin/Rachel Drohat vs Gwen Everett/Kailey Caroland
Match for June 11 - Corey Wiggs/Gwen Everett vs Rachel Drohat/Loretta Hutzell
Match for June 18 - Gwen Everett/Lee Williams vs Rachel Drohat/Andrea Wills
Match for June 25 - Angie Gardner/Heidi Sung vs Andrea Wills/Suzanne McQueeney
Match for July 2 - Gwen Everett/Suzanne McQueeney vs Andrea Wills/Patrice Holtz
Match for July 16 - Patrice Holtz/Courtney Robertson vs Rachel Drohat/Steph Jurkovic - rained out
Match for July 23 -
Rachel Drohat/Suzanne McQueeney vs Andrea Wills/staff
Match for July 30 - Rachel Drohat/Patrice Holtz vs Anne Conklin/Suzanne McQueeney
Match for August 6 - Steph Jurkovic/Heidi Sung vs Patrice Holtz/Suzanne McQueeney
Match for August 13 - Steph Jurkovic/Ellen Hong vs Patrice Holtz/Suzanne McQueeney- rained out


Tuesday Night Pickleball - 8:30-10:00  

Enrollees: Ryan O'Colman (, Farrah O'Colman (, Todd Norris (, Patrice Holtz (, Ed Webb (, Stefan Zimmerman (, Heather Lawrence (, Ed Packard (, Andy Golden (, Candice Van Sickle (, Lisa Brousseau (, Jim Seewagen (, Kim White-Torruellas (, Jeffrey Forsyth (, Joe Sating (, John Spitz (, Loretta Hutzell (, Gordon LoPresti (, Daniel Hook (, David Reisner (, Molly Caroland (, Jason Powell (, James Caroland (, Eugene Hart (, Elisa Oaksmith (, John DiTomasso (, Tony DeGeorge (, Ginny Zimmerman (, Renee Gruel (, Dennis Kershner (, Charles Levine (, David Igla (, Angie Gardner (

Availability for July 10 - available -

Angie Gardner, Ryan O'Colman, Farrah O'Colman, Todd Norris, Patrice Holtz, Ed Webb, Stefan Zimmerman, Heather Lawrence, Ed Packard, Andy Golden, Candice Van Sickle, Lisa Brousseau, Jim Seewagen, Kim White-Torruellas, Jeffrey Forsyth, Joe Sating, John Spitz, Loretta Hutzell, Gordon LoPresti, Daniel Hook, David Reisner, Molly Caroland, Jason Powell, James Caroland, Eugene Hart, Renee Gruel, John DiTomasso, Tony DeGeorge, Ginny Zimmerman, Dennis Kershner, Charles Levine, David Igla, Scott Oaksmith, Elisa Oaksmith, Paula Shane, Andy Shane


Wednesday Morning Ladies Doubles round-robin- 9:30-11:00




Availability for September 119 - available - unavailable - next group

Margie Sybert, Amy Lamont, Cindy Jamieson, Sherry Houff, Helene Thoreson, Amy Cooper, Amy Sachs, Stacey Lyons, Loretta Hutzell, Julie Pistorio, Jackie Crispell, Gerrie Bost, Kathy Baruch, Michelle Jordan, Pam Grimes, Brenda Crowe, Steph Jurkovic,  Traci Spiegel, Madge Silverman, Anna Roesch, Kelly Bendel, Diane Standeven, Michele Strank, Val Hicks, Tracey Collins, Denise Dewhurst, Angie Gardner, Anna Bright, Ellen Virden, Kim Kinnear, Gina Krakovsky, Monica Targonski, Kim Middleton, Susan Flaherty, Gina Krakovsky, Susan Watts, Kelley Israel, Lisa Yanguas, Ella O'Colman, Alicia Mabry, Lee Williams, Lisa Brousseau, Claudia Silberglitt, Heidi Sung, Meredith Parks

Match for May 30 - Michelle Jordan/Michele Strank vs Amy Sachs/Helene Thoreson
Match for June 13 - Helene Thoreson/Amy Cooper vs Amy Sachs/Julie Pistorio
Matches for June 20 - Traci Spiegel/Christy Sloan vs Michele Strank/Julie Pistorio; Amy Cooper/Loretta Hutzell vs Helene Thoreson/Kathy Baruch; Amy Lamont/staff vs Cindy Jamieson/staff
Matches for June 27 - Kelley Israel/Helene Thoreson vs Kathy Baruch/Lee Williams; Ella O'Colman/Denise Dewhurst vs Kim Middleton/Cindy Jamieson; Amy Sachs/Gerrie Bost vs Alicia Mabry/Angie Gardner; Stacey Lyons/Anna Bright vs Julie Pistorio/Susan Watts
Matches for July 11 - Monica Targonski/Sherry Houff vs Kelly Bendel/Stacey Lyons; Alicia Mabry/Amy Sachs vs Ella O'Colman/Steph Jurkovic; Traci Spiegel/Lisa Brousseau vs Kim Kinnear/Ellen Virden; Helene Thoreson/Tracey Collins vs Audrey Zarzuela/Loretta Hutzell
Matches for July 18 - Gerrie Bost/Claudia Silberglitt vs Steph Jurkovic/Cindy Jamieson; Stacey Lyons/Monica Targonski vs Susan Watts/Julie Pistorio; Michele Strank/Tracey Collins vs Helene Thoreson/Michelle Jordan
Matches for July 25 - Ellen Virden/Kelly Bendel vs Lisa Brousseau/Stacy Lyons; Anna Bright/Julie Pistorio vs Loretta Hutzell/Monica Targonski; Gerrie Bost/Gina Krakovsky vs Ella O'Colman/Helene Thoreson
Matches for August 1 - Monica Targonskiu/Sherry Houff vs Gina Krakovsky/Meredith Parks; Kelly Bendel/Kelley Israel vs Traci Spiegel/Lisa Brousseau; Anna Bright/Amy Sachs vs Kathy Baruch/Loretta Hutzell; Steph Jurkovic/Claudi Silberglitt vs Helene Thoreson/Cindy Jamieson
Matches for August 8 -  Lisa Brousseau/Kelly Bendel vs Kim Kinnear/Ellen Virden; Kim Middleton/Ella O'Colman vs Gwen Everett/Kimi Hsaio; Gerrie Bost/Margie Sybert vs Cindy Jamieson/Meredith Parks; Michelle Jordan/Helene Thoreson vs Loretta Hutzell/Susan Watts
Matches for August 15 - Amy Lamont/Claudia Silberglitt vs Alicia Mabry/Ella O'Colman; Stacey Lyons/Susan Watts vs Sherry Houff/Kelley Israel; Margie Sybert/Steph Jurkovic vs Amy Sachs/Cindy Jamieson
Matches for August 22 - Ellen Virden/Lisa Brousseau vs Stacey Lyons/Kelly Bendel; Amy Sachs/Helene Thoreson vs Margie Sybert/Cindy Jamieson
Matches for August 29 - Meredith Parks/Cindy Jamieson vs Steph Jurkovic/Amy Cooper

Match for September 12 - Amy Cooper/Margie Sybert vs Cindy Jamieson/Heidi Sung

Match for September 19 - Susan Watts/Pam Grimes vs Ella O'Colman/Loretta Hutzell

Wednesday Night Ladies Singles- 7:00-8:30



Availability for August 22 - available - unavailable - next pairing 

Amy Lamont, Kim Middleton, Amy Cooper, Alicia Mabry, Michelle Jordan, Steph Jurkovic, Anne Conklin, Angie Gardner, Gina Krakovsky, Heidi Sung, Farrah O'Colman, Tammy Turner, Cris Packard

Match for May 30 - no match tonight
Match for June 20 - Cris Packard vs Alicia Mabry
Match for June 27 -  vs Michelle Jordan
Match for July 11 - Cris Packard vs Amy Cooper
Matches for July 18 - Angie Gardner vs Gina Krakovsky; Steph Jurkovic vs Monica Targonski
Match for August 1 - Tammy Turner vs Angie Gardner
No match for August 8

Thursday Morning Ladies Singles  - 9:30-11:00

Availability for August 23 -
Alicia Mabry, Amy Cooper, Michelle Jordan, Anna Roesch, Angie Gardner, Amy Sachs, Denise Dewhurst, Heidi Sung, Rose Lee

Match for July 5 - Anna Roesch vs Michelle Jordan
Matches for July 19 - 9:15 - Amy Cooper vs Heidi Sung on court 10; Alicia Mabry vs Michelle Jordan; Amy Sachs vs Angie Gardner
Match for August 9 - Rose Lee vs Anna Roesch


Thursday Night Doubles round-robin - 7:00-8:30


Availability for September 13 - available - unavailable - 
next group


Angie Gardner, Stephanie Carroll, Margie Sybert, Joe Sating, Tammy Turner, Val Hicks, Diane Carroll, Steph Carroll, Farrah O'Colman, Ryan O'Colman, Loretta Hutzell, Cris Packard, Susan Watts, Steph Jurkovic, Greg Spiegel, Sherry Houff, Chas Levine, John Walker, Meredith Parks, Brian Lloyd, Heidi Sung, Brenda Crowe, Lisa Yanguas, Traci Spiegel, Lisa Brousseau, Stacey Lyons, Jamie Lyons

Match for June 14
- Diane Carroll/Niki Armstrong vs Corey Wiggs/Tammy Turner
Match for June 28 - Joe Sating/staff vs Loretta Hutzell/Jack Bright
Match for July 5 - Joe Sating/Meredith Parks vs Susan Watts/staff
Match for July 12 - Joe Sating/Diane Carroll vs Jamie and Stacey Lyons
Match for July 26 - Joe Sating/Lisa Brousseau vs Greg and Traci Spiegel
Match for August 2 - Joe Sating/Susan Watts vs Diane Carroll/Steph Carroll
Match for August 16 - Joe Sating/Cris Packard vs Diane Carroll/Audrey Zarzuela
Match for August 23 - Joe Sating/Tammy Turner vs Diane Carroll/Cris Packard
Match for August 30 - Joe Sating/Cris Packard vs Diane Carroll/Heidi Sung


Thursday Night Pickleball - 8:30-10:00

Enrollees: Patrice Holtz (, Farrah O'Colman (, Ryan O'Colman (, Todd Norris (, Jim Seewagen (, Joe Sating (, Christopher Wills (, John Spitz (, Stefan Zimmerman (, Ginny Zimmerman (, Daniel Hook (, Jason Powell (, David Reisner (, Eugene Hart (, Elisa Oaksmith (, Scott Oaksmith (, Molly Caroland (, Lisa Brousseau (, John Ditomasso (, Tony DeGeorge (, Renee Gruel (, Jim Cangialosi (, Paula Shane (, Andy Shane (, Brooke Shane ( David Igla (, Benjamin Chin ( 

Availability for July 26 - available -


Patrice Holtz, Farrah O'Colman, Ryan O'Colman, Todd Norris, Jim Seewagen, Joe Sating, Christopher Wills, John Spitz, Stefan Zimmerman, Daniel Hook, Jason Powell, David Reisner, Eugene Hart, Elisa Oaksmith, Scott Oaksmith, Molly Caroland, James Caroland, John DiTomasso, Renee Gruel, Paula Shane, Andy Shane, Lisa Brousseau, Andrea Wills, Jim Cangialosi, David Igla, Ginny Zimmerman, Benjamin Chin

Friday Morning Ladies Doubles round-robin - 9:30-11:00



Availability for September 7  - available - unavailable - next group

Lisa Brousseau, Jackie Crispell, Margie Sybert, Amy Sachs, Amy Lamont, Stacey Lyons, Paula Shane, Gerrie Bost,  Helene Thoreson, Amy Cooper, Patrice Holtz, Loretta Hutzell, Traci Spiegel, Michele Strank, Michelle Jordan, Anne Conklin, Angie Gardner, Kathleen Lee
Susan Flaherty, Chris Dotson, Denise Dewhurst, Steph Jurkovic, Brenda Crowe, Christine Ro, Leigh Grohe, Shannon Chapline, Tracey Collins, Patti Demme, Cindy Jamieson, Anna Roesch, Susan Watts, Pam Grimes, Kim Kinnear, Meredith Parks, Kelly Bendel, Gina Krakovsky, Rose Lee, Monica Targonski, Ellen Virden, Elisa Oaksmith,  Cathie Boarman, Alicia Mabry, Heidi Sung, Ella O'Colman, Lee Williams, Claudia Silberglitt, Christine Lee, Gwen Everett, Bobbi English

Match for June 1 -  Steph Jurkovic/Helene Thoreson vs Chris Dotson/Susan Flaherty
Match for June 8 - Chris Dotson/Kailey Catoland vs Helene Thoreson/Niki Armstrong
Match for June 15 - Susan Watts/Christine Ro vs Helene Thoreson/Michele Strank; Amy Cooper vs Michelle Jordan
Matches for June 29 - Monica Targonski/Loretta Hutzell vs Amy Cooper/Tracey Collins; Kathy Lee/Helene Thoreson vs Gina Krakovsky/Michelle Jordan; Stacey Lyons/Kim Kinnear vs Traci Spiegel/Lisa Brousseau
Matches for July 6 - Gerrie Bost/Kathleen Lee vs Michelle Jordan/staff; Tracey Collins/Susan Watts vs Jackie Crispell/Loretta Hutzell; Rose Lee/Helene Thoreson vs Steph Jurkovic/staff
Matches for July 13 - Lisa Brousseau/Elisa Oaksmith vs Stacey Lyons/Kelly Bendel; Tracey Collins/Michelle Jordan vs Pam Grimes/Meredith Parks; Cindy Jamieson/Rose Lee vs Kathy Lee/staff; Kim Kinnear vs Reagan Armstrong
Matches for July 20 - Gerrie Bost/Susan Flaherty vs Pam Grimes/Steph Jurkovic; Jackie Crispell/Amy Sachs vs Monica Targonski/Loretta Hutzell; Angie Gardner/staff vs Kathy Lee/staff
Matches for July 27 - Monica Targonski/Elisa Oaksmith vs Tracey Collins/Loretta Hutzell; Meredith Parks/Ella O'Colman vs Margie Sybert/Helene Thoreson Matches for August 3 - Michelle Jordan/Pam Grimes vs Heidi Sung/Patrice Holtz, Lisa Brousseau/Traci Spiegel vs Kim Kinnear/Ellen Virden; Steph Jurkovic/Amy Sachs vs Rose Lee/Cathie Boarman; Amy Cooper/Susan Watts vs Anna Roesch/Monica Targonski; Helene Thoreson/Meredith Parks vs Gina Krakovsky/Loretta Hutzell
Matches for August 10 - Susan Flaherty/Gerrie Bost vs Loretta Hutzell/Steph Jurkovic; Cindy Jamieson/Rose Lee vs Pam Grimes/Ella O'Colman; Monica Targonski/Gina Krakovsky vs Tracey Collins/Michelle Jordan; Margie Sybert/Amy Sachs vs Helene Thoreson/Susan Watts
Matches for August 17 -  Gerrie Bost/Amy Lamont vs Susan Flaherty/Chris Dotson; Tracey Collins/Susan Watts vs Christine Ro/Christine Lee; Patrice Holtz/Gwen Everett vs Angie Gardner/Ella O'Colman; Pam Grimes/Alicia Mabry vs Gina Krakovsky/Lee Williams
Matches for August 24 -  Gina Krakovsky/Meredith Parks vs Sherry Houff/Monica Targonski; Patrice Holtz/Kathy Lee vs Ella O'Colman/Anne Conklin; Stacey Lyions/Lisa Brousseau vs Kelly Bendel/Ellen Virden; Patti Demme/Helene Thoreson vs Rose Lee/Tracey Collins
Matches for August 31 - Margie Sybert/Ella O'Colman vs Christine Lee/Patrice Holtz; Amy Sachs/Meredith Parks vs Tracey Collins/Helene Thoreson
Matches for September 7 - Gerrie Most/Amy Lamont, Claudia Silberglitt/Michelle Strank; Christine Lee/Michelle Jordan vs Helene Thoreson/Gina Krakovsky