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FULL MEMBERSHIP - 2018 Dues: $925
  • Full membership include all persons of the same immediate family, including all persons financially dependent on the holder of the membership and/or other persons permanently residing in the same household unit, excluding tenants and roomers.

TWO ADULT  MEMBERSHIP - 2018 Dues: $740

  • Two Person membership shall include a husband, and wife or cohabitating couple both of which are at least 21 years of age. 
INDIVIDUAL  MEMBERSHIP - 2018 Dues: $601.25
  • An Individual membership shall include only the individual in who the membership Bond is issued and is at least 21 years of age.
TENURED MEMBERSHIP - 2018 Dues $462.50
  • Tenured membership is offered to current members who have accumulated 20 years membership, whether or not continuous.  
  • A tenured membership will be issued in the name of both spouses but will not cover any other members of their family unit. 
  • In those instances where a tenured member is not married, a standing guest pass will be provided for the single tenured member.